Our Story


Caveman was founded on a rainy day when Cole came to me with the idea to build a skimboard from scratch with our bare hands. So we went to Lowes and came back with a massive sheet of plywood, glue, epoxy, and brushes. My dad luckily already had all of the tools we needed, so we could start as soon as we got home. We quickly explained to my parents what we were doing, and although they were skeptical of whether or not it could be done, my dad gave Cole and I a quick 2 minute tutorial on how to use a jigsaw and a sander. And then we were off, making cuts off a 1/4 inch piece of plywood. We did this for hours, trying to get the cuts just right and to make a defined edge on our new board.  
My parents arrived home from dinner to see our progress. We had made a defined shape of a skimboard using a tracing from Cole's usual fiberglass board. We then took that cut-out board and sanded down the edges to make sure they weren't sharp. However, there was a thing on the board that was not in our plan from the beginning. Caveman. It was a large sketched lettering out of charcoal that Cole had taken from my dad's barbeque. I do not know how or why he came up with it, but the start of the brand was right there as two teenage boys stood over the 15-pound piece of wood that barely worked as a skimboard with the words Caveman written across it. We quickly took the board to my backyard to put a thick layer of epoxy on it (making the weight go up even more). We did this to both sides and let it dry overnight.  
The following day we looked at the finished product and couldn't believe what we had accomplished. Although the board weighed 17 pounds, had no rocker, and barely floated, it was still a good feeling to know that you could build something from scratch. We had to contain our excitement because the real test for this board would be its ability to work as an actual skimboard. We hopped on my family's boat and started to prepare a tow line for Cole. He then threw the board in the water along with himself and got ready for a Life or Death type moment. The board that we had built so spontaneously overnight was about to be tested for the first time. And then there it was the word "go" from Cole behind, signaled my dad to jolt the boat forward by increasing the pressure on the throttle. The board began to displace water as Cole was trying to fight his way up. And then he did it; he was officially upon the board. We had done it.  
Caveman officially became a company and something that Cole and I worked on every weekend—testing and building new boards, new epoxy, and different ways to make the future boards we create better. Today, we continue to try to make the company the best that it can be.  This August marks the one-year Anniversary of Caveman Board Company.  
Keep on Keeping On
Cole and Will
Caveman Board Company