Our Story


(Will and Cole after first night shift in early days of Caveman)

We founded Caveman Board Company in August 2020, manufacturing custom wooden skimboards. We quickly gained a social media following and began selling products to customers around the world, including in New Zealand and Australia. Eventually, we expanded our product line to include apparel and skateboards.

We are passionate about nature and sustainability, which is why we donate to One Tree Planted, an international non-profit organization that promotes global reforestation, for every product sold on our website. In the future, we plan to host beach cleanups and other environmental conservation projects, as well as introducing new products and expanding into retail. Our brand's mission is to encourage people to "stick to the basics" and appreciate the simple things in life.

Currently, we are away at college and are unable to produce boards but we are still running our apparel line and are working as much as we can to design new products while focusing on our education!

Keep on Keeping On
Cole and Will
Caveman Board Company